Maintenance of Cashmere If well cared, will last for a lifetime...

Those who buy cashmere items usually choose timeless models because this fine products, if well cared, will last for a lifetime, keeping unchanged their softness and strength.

The only problem with cashmere garments is pilling, that is more evident if an extreme softness of the item has been pursued.

Every sweater (made of wool or cashmere) unfortunately produces tiny balls. Pilling is caused by rubbing, friction and body heat. They “unfasten” the shorter fibres from the others, that then roll into small balls.

Even though this is an inevitable process, some simple tips can be followed to reduce it:

  • cashmere garments must be worn parsimoniously, no more than one day;
  • then the sweater needs to be left at rest in a cool place lying on a flat surface for two days, so that the fibres can regain their natural compactness;
  • cashmere clothing can be hand washed or put in the washing machine running a delicate low temperature cycle (cold or tepid water), using little wool and cashmere shampoo.
  • no softener is needed because cashmere items do not become matted since goat wool does not contain lanolin – like sheep one – that dissolves while washing, making cloths matted. Cashmere sweaters reach all their splendour cleansing after cleansing, giving a unique softness to the touch;
  • cashmere items must be dried far from heat sources and spread out upon a flat board to keep their shape unaltered. They should stay away from direct sunlight too, in order to avoid the development of spots;
  • sweaters must be ironed on medium setting with no direct contact between flatiron and the garment. Some vapour blows at 5cm distance can help.