‟After all a piece of art is not realized by ideas, but by hands” (P. Picasso)

Brand and Philisophy

Alunni Cashmere is a brand of an italian company located in a small village in the “green Umbria” – the central heart of the peninsula.

Everything started in the ‘60s from the head of the family’s love for the magic productive process which turns yarn into sweaters.

After a 20-years’ experience in the textile industry together with his wife, he engaged and involved in this passion his children too. So the small family-run business, relying completely on the principles of craftsmanship and the respect of human values, has been trying to make its way in the world of fashion, deciding to propose plain garments, but smart and refined at the same time, timeless, entirely made of fine pure cashmere yarn.

All the stages of the production are rigorously carried out in Italy and the company avails itself of the skilled hands typical of the small Umbrian artisan activities. Besides the working collaboration, a good human relationship – based on respect and friendship – is established with them.

The choice to bet on precious cashmere garments is due to the high quality of this yarn. In fact a cashmere items of clothing can be worn in direct contact with the skin because the fibre does not cause irritation and, once you put on it you unlikely go back to wool because its comfort has no comparison!

Its main feature is to isolate both from cold and heat. Because of their isothermal qualities, cashmere garments are good for every season; it is not necessary to spin cashmere heavily since an average thickness (two-ply, technically speaking) guarantees an optimal performance all the year round. This kind of product is the most demanded by buyers also because of its price-performance ratio, since more threads mean a higher price of the sweater.